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Taani Seaborg/Samsung paneb laevadele kaks tuumareaktorit (100 MW) Tarnitud 2026!!

Riigid valivad tuumaenergia

Global Renewables /taastuvad energiaallikad 18 ->22%(2030!)

 Hydrogen=0% (2030)!

 Nuclear/tuumaenergia 6 ->22 % 2030!


Peamine saastaja Hiina valib kivisöe.

Gas is needed as backup for windless days without sun. Gas is the only kickstart energy. Fireup coal&nuclear takes time. Gasturbine plants are most expensive & needed add-on next to wind & solar. A peak load able grid is needed too. The price of electricity is determined by the price of gas on the international markets. As a result, renewables companies are making record profits selling energy that is generated by the wind.