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Seaman graves are protected by International law.

You cannot put a 300 meter high concrete pillar on top of a recognised grave. Even when it was your sworn enemy or friend. Estonia her modern existence is based upon sea, shipping and fishing. Major coastal towns are Hanze towns. Respecting culture means respecting graves. A sunken ship is seen as a coffin. At the end of WW2 almost the Northern German army fought her last battles on the ancient trading routes. Even most violent soldier need rest. Estonian has been robbed of it cultural heritage often, if something is left it is exactly where some want to put a windmill on-top. Au!

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea has been adopted by 167 countries[b] (one of them is Estonia! ) and the European Union, and disputes are resolved at the ITLOS tribunal in Hamburg. Estonians are not even allowed to go to their MS Estonia after it was hit by a Swedish submarine. A new documentary claims Estonia ferry has hole in wreck after going to the graveyard site. The makes of the documentary were charged violating seaman grave MS Estonia. We call upon people who know Germans lost in WW2 to report to us. We like to protect all men lost. Wehope to find something like a helmet on the bottom of the Livonia sea.

Please contact us if you know family of victims of seaman’s graves or historic events like the  German forces of Army Group North  or the Estonian who joined the German forces. Either lost in the “Great escape over two seas” or one of the viking battles is just as well a reason for further underwater research and protection. We like to ask court seaman’s grave search and protection before Estonian Energy & government ends their final rest.

Cheap underwater drone expeditions are very exciting.

Any finder is legitimate to receive his international legal part of 25% or more. Hanze ships carried cash to pay cargo.Sunken in the right direction point on cash aboard. We wish you luck. It’s our win-win.

Here is the map of on not searched area’s. archaeological treasure.

These are the Known wrecks.

Treasure protecting and finding brings a lot more than building windmills. Recent underwater tech makes new search methods possible. People who now search the forest better go here. Take a chance to win big and safe your hit sea from those who want to steal it.