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Large impacts of cables

Cables are like ELECTRICAL fences for bottom fish migration.

RESEARCH(Published: 17 July 2021)
Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from Submarine Power Cables Can Trigger Strength-Dependent Behavioural and Physiological Responses in Edible Crab, Cancer pagurus (L.). EMF effects on animals like seals and bat’s are acknowledged by Estonia. Although this international research has been skipped.

Cables need a lot of rare metals and energy to make.

There is always a lot of talk on the metal pollution caused by windmills, but the metals in the cables and their costs are often larger.

Windmills need to be near the heavy users in Tallinn.

To reduce cable costs and pollution & upto75% power-cable loss.

Sea cables cost 25/mio a km. That’s a lot near London or Paris. But in wide spaces like Estonia this is cable cost and environmental burden is unacceptable. It’s ridiculous to copy a solution from the windy west EU to Nord East EU where there is a factor 7 less wind and icy seas and Long cables. EE just runs after the subsidies. An irresponsible behavior for a state company.

Cable installations are trading-off environmental impact against fire safety performance. Disposal and recycling of end-of-life cable plans must be included. Quality limits must be set by the government to prevent cheap easy solutions that harm the people.

Mitigating environmental impacts is especially relevant for buildings and infrastructure which is required to operate continuously. Maintaining the quality of cable product becomes more challenging when services are required around the clock. 

Here is a nice read on these facts.

EU law tells that risks are an integral part of any permit.

In Estonian this important new EU law. It includes all risks and also future decommissioning and maintenance risks. We hope that Estonia does not buy cheap cables anymore. Limits on pollution and maintenance must be an integral part of the permit now. Below that you find that cables need to be an integral part of the project. All in Estonian. Estonians have problems with corrupt state planning and received an EU warning to improve KMH procedures. Now The state tries to bypass all democratic planning. The purpose of the state Energy company (Estoninan Ennemy) is to sell the project to abroad when the permit is given. There is no demand in Estonia for more Energy. Also dirty energy users are created, like a cellulose factory. The profit is for their friends, the risk and bill the Estonians get.

Juba määruse ja ringkirja suhtes, millega määratakse kindlaks tuulegeneraatorite paigaldamise ja käitamise loa väljastamise üldtingimused, tuleb läbi viia eelnev keskkonnamõju hindamine.

Kohtuotsus kehtib kõikidele Euroopa Liidu liikmesriikidele ja valitsustasanditele. Käesolev kohtulahend annab Pärnu maakonnaga piirnevate valdade juhtide ja Pärnu linnapea poolt peaministrile läkitatud ühispöördumisele ka juriidiliselt väga konkreetse ning selgelt mõistetava sisulise vastuse.

In Estonia Windfarms requests (KMH) leave out the cabling and that’s not allowed.

KMH programm ei vasta seadusest
tulenevatele nõuetele ja on selges vastuolus asjakohase Riigikohtu ja Euroopa Kohtu
praktikaga (vt nt 3-16-1472).
KMH programmi eesmärk on määratleda, milliseid mõjusid hakatakse KMH aruande
koostamisel üldse hindama; milliseid alternatiivseid lahendusi tuleb kaaluda; ning kas tuleb
läbi viia uusi keskkonnauuringuid või võib ekspert lähtuda ainult olemasolevast infost.
Selleks tuleb KMH programmis kirjeldada kavandatav tegevust ja selle reaalseid
alternatiivseid lahendusi, määrata nende alternatiividega kaasneva keskkonnamõju hindamise
sisu ja ulatus, kirjeldada KMH läbiviimise metoodikat (mõjude kindlakstegemise ja
analüüsimise kohta) ning panna paika esialgne menetluse ajakava. Võimalikud alternatiivsed
aspektid on asukoht, tehnoloogia või protsess, tehniline lahendus, maht, suurusm võimsus,
toorme tüüp/allikad, tegevus jne. Alternatiivsete aspektide, st meretuulepargi tehnoloogia ja
parameetrite määratlemata jätmine on oluline viga.
KMH programmi ilmset õigusvastasust ehk sisuliste erinevate alternatiivide hindamata
jätmist kinnitab eriti selgelt näiteks see, et tuulikute täpse tüübi, nende parameetrite,
merekaablite ja alajaamade asukohtade alternatiivide vahel kavatsetakse otsus teha alles
ehitusloa menetluse käigus. Seega sisuliselt välistatakse konkreetsete tehniliste lahenduste
hindamine KMH tasandil. See on õigusvastane.

Before we wrote on decommissioning and staggering non-green energy consumption aluminum windmills:

Research shows that seals recognize windmills and live near the mills.

Vibration and high power radiation disturbs them far more than assumed before. Read: