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X-border connection with Latvian resistance groups.

In this case the Belgian State sues the project develloper how X-border resistance works.

before the French administrative authorities. The park is too close. Nice idea to sew Estonian Energy before the Latvian court. Here is the article.

A nice cheap way to protest is to file a EU complaint. In this case against the French State. Before the European Commission. The reason is that France never consulted our country when determining the location of the wind farm in 2016. This goes against the European directive, which states that you must always consult neighboring countries before making such a decision.

Other legal arguments are. Visual nuisance for the inhabitants of the coastal municipalities. The wind farm also interrupts the historic sailing route between the port of Ostend and the British ports. It also causes problems with air traffic. A major impact on sandbanks! This requires studies and research. You cn read how the sandengine works in the Jaagupi Sadam plaan. downlaod at jaagupi

The wind slow down upto 50% by one windmillpark. That matters for people, nature and other windparks. A special post on this we have here:

In Estonina EE and Elwind have different opinions.

Latvian plans are to be found here.