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Democracy means checking the facts!

fortunately many people who want to take their responsibility with regard to the sustainable energy transition and try to form an opinion based on verifiable facts. 

Bird expert Mati Kose is paid by Estonian Energy too. his research is now made secret by Estonian Energy last work was on the vibration disturbing killing fish eggs and the migration corridor bird radar on Kihnu. We need to rely on foreign experts. Science has been compromised. Democracy means that we get a proper dialog on well done scientific research and a clear economic pictureEstonian Energy pays many Scientists! Scientists are paid with public money!

Kaur Lass was the Häädemeeste invited speaker for the municipal community. The meeting was closed. paid by Estonian Energy and according his own website specialized in Brainwashing. ( He is partial and told that Pärnu plan does not include enough windmills. It’s also interesting that he tells that planning in Estonian democracy is not working here:

Windmill parks causes other human activity like tourism to stop. Realestate prices drop. Fishing stops. Yachting industry devellopment stops. The 300 Meter windmill towers are risky vunnarable industrial monsters. We live in times of crises the needed EU subsidation till 2050 is uncertain. An you see abve Russians are involved. Please think before we give away our land and sea. We are just a few decades independent! 

Please support us to strenghen the Estonian Democracy. What if alos our legal and criminal research is compromised the same way?