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Economic Carnage: Wind Power Prices Crippling Miners, Bakers & Brewers Alike.

Double the bread price unneeded. Art 5. of the Estoninan constitution tells we must work econommical.

Luckely Estoninas can switch of the grid and start burning wood if needed. Wind loving Germany and Danmark pay double the bill as nuclear France. In Estonina there is only a fraction of the wind of westEU. Mainitaining cost of foreign bought mills in ice is an drama. Long expensive cables (cost more thn teh windmills themselves 25 mio/km), because the windmills are build far from the users in the cities.

However, although normal people pay, poluting state sponsored factories get cheap free energy!

Estonian Energy offers cheap mass energy to cellulose factories and oxygen factories. There is more electricity produced than needed. That’s not economic! (art 5 of the Estonian constitution’s demand economic use) Make electricity where the demand is, near the cities. To create a demand, big polluting(!) cellulose and oxygen factories arise.
It’s hypocritical because other factories are closed because they are called polluters. Managaging the supply side of the market is telling producers what where and when to make. Soviets learned the world that this supply push is not smart. Markets function only when they are free and demand driven.

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