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Doctors & research agree: windmills kill.

UPDATE. NEW Proof that ultrasound harms humans.

Phuc D. Nguyen, Kristy L. Hansen, Bastien Lechat, Peter Catcheside, Branko Zajamsek, Colin H. Hansen. Benchmark characterisation and automated detection of wind farm noise amplitude modulation. Applied Acoustics, 2021; 183: 108286 DOI: 10.1016/j.apacoust.2021.108286Phuc D. Nguyen, Kristy L. Hansen, Peter Catcheside, Colin H. Hansen, Branko Zajamsek. Long-term quantification and characterisation of wind farm noise amplitude modulation. Measurement, 2021; 182: 109678 DOI: 10.1016/j.measurement.2021.109678


Top banish research shows that living near windmills is a health danger. Doctors near windmills have more patients. Advice their people to leave. In Amsterdam, doctors send an emergency letter to the Dutch government. The RIVM recognized. That’s the same institute that handles Covid in NL.

Also, the World Health Organization has declared that wind turbine noise is a serious health hazard, now German research gets to the heart of the matter. Delingpole: Wind Turbines Can Harm Heart, Says German Professor Breitbart James Delingpole 1 November 2018 Wind turbines are terrible for the health of the millions of birds and bats. 

A professor from Bergen in Norway wrote a famous research article ot SSRN.COM end 2020: Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui University of Bergen, Faculty of Law Date Written: October 29, 2020.

The Norwegian article from our site:

Alpha Ventus in Germany, a 60MW farm installed in 2010 is located 56 km from the shore, or in the UK the Hornsea
projects, discussed regarding voluntary funds, are located 38km from shore. In Norway, the to-be
largest floating offshore wind farm in the world, Hywind Tampen of 88MW, will be located 140
km from the Norwegian coast.
In Estonia 400 meter windmills are 10 km from the beach without compensation. This article is important.

The Norwegian top professor names all major windparks and compares them. Nowhere in the EU the windmill parks are planned like in Estonian now. IWindmills also cannot stand on the seafloor, they must float. The sefllor vibration kill marine life. He compared all large windmill parks. What happens in Estonia is exceptional in the EU. Just take a look at the EU windpark map yourself!

The dammage is compensated by giving a significant amount to the communities the article explains in great detail how much. One third of the windmill park value. In Estonia people get a bike track or kinder garden playground. Au! Whatever the price, people do not accept windmills, because they kill. Compensation explains why the parish leaders like windmills, they take that money for their “projects”. Selling the community to abraod. EE resells all parks. Please understand that these deals are corruption sensetive.

Windmill parks closer than 140 km to people are not accepted in the EU anymore.

Locals are compansated by getting ownership shares in the parks. Estonia icheaply sells it seas.

Jaagupi Fishermans harbor is blocked for years to stop opposition of the fishermen. Windmill demand exclusive use. Tourism in the parish is also destroyed by illegal forest tree felling along the coastline. There is a clear effort to make an industry zone and stop people from tourism, agriculture and fishing. For a decade Jaagupi fishing harbor is sanded by corruption on a failed EU project. The latest plan to dredge the harbor is stopped by the parish leadership who seek quick profit by selling the sea exclusive to Estonia Energy. Dredging funding is available but blocked by the head of the Parish (Karel Tölp) for his purposes. Karel sells everything without even checking its value. If there are no fishermen and tourists, then you do not have to compensate them, Karel reasons. Please read the plan and support the local fisherman in their fight to keep their land. Here is the Jaagupi Sadama plaan that also explains the EU fraud

People are stopped from making a living to sell land, sea, and forest. A small group of government-related get rich. Local elected people reject windmill planning in this letter. Peaminister Kaja Kallas 27.04.2021.

Fishermen are blocked. Windmills demand exclusive use of the sea. In Estonia fish and protected seals are and fish left out of the planning maps. The maker of the maps is part owner of the Saarema Windmills park. responsible for Baltic rail too. Take a look and try to find a seal or a fish egg:

Why Only 6 EU countries met the deadline for the submission of the final Maritime Spatial Plans.  Others will need to ensure that their plans are aligned and allow for the development of offshore wind. Estonia belongs to the bad boys, see ypourself:

The EU is aware of this corruption and the articles pointing to the implementation of the known EU laws are at the beginning of the EU Baltic States Agreement. In English:,,I Quote: Art. 1. “RECALLING with serious concern the situation of the Baltic Sea marine environment” and Art. 2 “EXPRESS concern ..” and Art. 3. “RESTATING our commitment to full implementation of the relevant European legislation” etc. This is a sound basis to block all funding for Baltic Rail and Windmill parks.

Kaja Kallas & Estonian Energy are accused of cheating with the KMH procedures by all parishes, shows this letter where the Parish gives back the KMH to the state. (April/2021)

The windmill park plans are based on your FAKE Science bypasses policies like Politics MUST be based on open science, people can check.

The maps are based on science too. Special people count the fish in Europe. The problem is that Estonia has NO open science, Tartu University tells herself here: Therefore most scientists are payed by Estonia Energy (a state company). Their contract tells that their research is hidden when EE wants! Au! The fine is 100.000 for this scientist if he speaks out. His research was just too good. The fish eggs died of vibrations, caused by windmills. No eggs, no fish, no seals. Estonia has closed science.

The mapmaker runs the Science group also. See the other post and who pays who. The windmills industry does NOT work according to EU norms.

The legal case on Saarema & Häädemeeste and is the same as on Hiiumaa best legal experts assured us. Even Baltic Rail in Häädemeeste can be stoped the same way. The same actors with the same tricks & mistakes.

The Estonian government could try to push through these plans. Make a national priority/emergency out of it. That comes with a few risks, we explain.

Estonia risk losing the grants. That’s easily done. EU loves not to pay. They even help to look for fraud. But that’s always afterward. EU loves Estonia to start building windmill parks and then not having to pay for it. The carrot & stick story.

The case can also end up before the EU court. Following ALL the EU rules like these EU guidelines is hard.

People at Estonain Energy does not care what becomes of the project, just take the money for now. All parks they resell. Then you do not believe in windenergy for sure!

The Russians like to pay a to get their Livonian sea back. Love to mess up, make Estonia Russian Energy-dependent. Imagine they can switch off Estonia whenever they want.

The economic logic of windmills in Estonia is simple and very bad. The wind in Estonia is 1/7 th of that in the west EU. No profit, never! Cables cost 25mio/km and are not there. Maintenance costs are high, because in the windy winter the Baltic sea is frozen, and only flying Tesla can do the job.

The medical risk must be included in the permit as an integral part this new EU law tells.

New EU law tells that all risks are an integral part of any permission given. This new EU is Valid for all levels of government. If it’s not done the permit (KMH) is void, which means as if it never existed. Even existing parks must be stopped, like happens since 2020 everywhere in the EU. An analogy to make this EU law clear: Windmills are handled since this EU court ruling just like we handle a vaccine. We must test it extensively before usage. We map and limit all risks possible. When a vaccine is not tested, as the Russian Sputnik vaccine, we just do not use it. The law tells that windmills permits must come with limits on (ultra)sound, vibration limits (for the fish eggs), pollution limits during building and decommissioning etc.

Juba määruse ja ringkirja suhtes, millega määratakse kindlaks tuulegeneraatorite paigaldamise ja käitamise loa väljastamise üldtingimused, tuleb läbi viia eelnev keskkonnamõju hindamine.

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