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Bird chopping mills.

Wind turbines are bird chopping mills: This is another example of the selective presentation of figures. According to an article in the authoritative journal Nature, an average of 4.3 dead birds per year per turbine per year in the US. In total that is about 100,000 - 440,000 dead birds in the US alone (research in the period 2009-2010. That is a considerable number indeed. Our region is a Bird Corridor. 
Bird expert Mati Kose is paid by Estonian Energy too. his research is now made secret by Estonian Energy last work was on the vibration disturbing killing fish eggs and the migration corridor bird radar on Kihnu. We need to rely on foreign experts. Science has been compromised. Democracy means that we get a proper dialog on well done scientific research and a clear economic picture

It's not oly chopping birds or vibration chasing fish away. Estionians should be alouwed to be discussed too! This park weakens lokal chances of devellopment a lot. Windmill parks causes other human activity like tourism to stop. Realestate prices drop. Fishing stops. Yachting industry devellopment stops. The 300 Meter windmill towers are risky vunnarable industrial monsters. We live in times of crises the needed EU subsidation till 2050 is uncertain. An you see abve Russians are involved. Please think before we give away our land and sea. We are just a few decades independent!